Our Union

Central States Joint Board is a union organization established in 1955 to unite workers employed in the industry under its jurisdiction, regardless of race, sex, color, creed or nationality. 

The jurisdiction of the Central States Joint Board covers workers employed in general manufacturing and related industries, and also workers in such trades and industries as the Executive Board determines. Central States Joint Board objects are to increase wages and lessen hours of work, increase job security and to better the working and living conditions of its members as well as establish and maintain collective bargaining throughout the trades and industry within its jurisdiction. 

The Central States Joint Board defends and extends democratic institutions and procedures and the civil rights and liberties of its members and all others. Central States Joint Board promotes the health and security of workers and their families and gives assistance and encouragement to organizations in organizing workers and to work for the advancement of union made products and of all union labels as a source of strength in the attainment of fair conditions of employment


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